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Jason Olinger

Meet The Founder, Jason Olinger

Hello, I'm a 3rd generation contractor and I’ve been working in the home improvement industry for most of my life... And I love it! However, there’s one thing that has always bothered me about the industry.

Almost every time that I speak with a homeowner I hear one nightmare story after another about the past contractors they’ve worked with...It’s no wonder why homeowners have such a hard time trusting contractors.

The reality is there’s plenty of unreliable contractors in every neighborhood and some of these people are straight-up scary!

...AND that’s why I made a vow to build a contracting business that finally gives homeowners a sense of comfort by delivering the most reliable, trustworthy contractors in the business.

Jason Olinger

Jason's Background

Jason was born on Long Island, NY in 1980. He lived in the Seattle area from 1991-96. In 1996 he settled in Vancouver, WA where he started his journey in the home improvement industry. He currently resides in Bend, OR.

Jason has been married to Nicki Olinger since 2005. They have two daughters (Isabelle and Aubrey), and one son (Jude). Jason enjoys spending time with his family, and for the past 5 years has been the head coach of his daughters' high school golf team at King's Way Christian.

Growth Plan

Supporting The Local Community

FullTime Contractor is currently serving all of Washington and Oregon with plans to continue expanding our service areas throughout the country.

Our growth plan is made possible due to the valuable partnerships with our local installation teams.

By working with the best local install teams that are in close proximity to your home, we’re able to significantly reduce travel time, helping us be more cost effective.

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“We Are Dedicated To Creating Winning Customer Experiences.”

Jason Olinger, Founder & CEO
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